My 1st post in 2010.

sorry 4 din update my blog since Nov last year.

Is oledi week 5 in my 2nd sem. Super busy everyday n cant shopping v my best buddy, Irene.

Last Sunday, went 2 Jaya One 4 piano festival audition. I quite disappointed v wat i played in audition. played lot of wrong notes, n my tempo was followin my heart beats -- super fast @@... bt at least i stil can run through whole song.

I tot i hav no hopes totali. I received a msg 2day afternoon when i had lunch v Irene n JiaWai. From Roland. '' Congratulations on your success in making through to the grand finals....bla bla bla.." Omg.. i m shocked, stil cant believe it nw.

Start nervous d, coz need 2 practise harder n harder.

Best luck 2 Irene, i m waitin 4 u~~
Holidays started last few weeks. Finali i finish all my classes n can go bac home 2morrow.

Oh~~ balik kampung
Oh~~ balik kampung
Oh~~ balik kampung

Holiday plans:
1. practise practise n practise stuffs abt music
2. practise nail art
3. shopping
4. watch drama
5. travel

UCSI frens, dun miss me, c u all next year. Take care.

Cant wait 4 my next travel.