Last Saturday n Sunday. We(whole crazy family members) went to Genting. Wohoo... We planned it 4 very long time since last sem, bt alwayz postponed postponed n postponed. Finali.. we went ther last weekend.

When we were waitin shuttle bus in da skool, but we went to lrt station by taxi.

Rays were waitin 4 da bus

Sunway or Genting? Da ans is: Genting.

In KL Central, we met a gang of Taiwanese.

Snapped by a Taiwanese

They said i looked like pregnant, 1 at da front n 1 at da bac. @@...

Cable car

~10~ n Ah Bian

Little gal scared of cable car

While we were shopping..

6 of us + a ghost???


'Baby guai guai, Ah Dong sayang~'

C... ZiYi was very enjoyin.

Cool or wanna fight?

Hoi Ziyi, dun press my head


Cinema b4 da 'Blood' showed

Qiqi n ZiYi

Qiqi + ZiYi + ~10~

Ah Bian + Ah Dong + Rays

Rays + Ah Dong vs Transformers

After movie, we went 4 a walk n suddenly i saw tis.

'Ta Ma De' dustbin??

On da 2nd day, we went to outdoor theme park.

Our 1st 'train'

ZiYi n Qiqi were waitin 4 next turn




Happy family

JiJi n Rays

Accordin 2 ZiYi, they are...

Sexy Girl 2009

Miss 'Wan Jin' 2009

Miss Cowardice 2009

Miss Shopping Queen 2009

Cute Girl 2009

I onli realised i din take a photo 4 myself after i cam bac.

JiJi.. He took my hp n snapped his photo himself. @@..

I like tis photo

My 'bear'

Our awards??

Irene, u c i m so good, i stil remember u while i was in Genting.

Genting~~ i ll b bac again.
2day is my 1st time bcum recital crew, bt cant help anything, onli collect da recital form.

After recital, hav my lunch v my sisters at vegetarian restaurant.

Ah Bian, Ah Dong n me go 2 Herbaline 2 do facial at 2pm. The design inside is very beautiful. Services oso nt bad bt 4 me, their technical is jz onli soso.. Actuali onli need 90mins 2 finish da facial bt we finish on around 5pm.

Max 10mins but we do around 40 mins

Ah Bian r enjoyin

Wat happen 2 Ah Dong?

Ah Dong's foot

Ah Bian's foots

My foots

We go 2 giant to buy stuff 4 our genting trip 2morrow.

p/s: R.I.P, Michael Jackson.
今天有个傻瓜,考完CE Midterm打算回家睡觉。

在Old Town遇见Irene小姐和她的朋友们,坐下来聊了一会儿,过后就朝回家的路途前进。






HAPPY FATHER'S DAY... daddy I luv u..

Koko n me went bac 2 hometown on Saturday noon 2 gv daddy a surprise. I gt a free card 4 daddy while i was waitin my koko 2 fetch me in Mid Valley. 10s YS 4 fetch me from cheras n treat me da lunch. Haha^^

We went 2 Autocity 2 celebrate father's day on Saturday nite since we need 2 rush bac 2 KL on Sunday evening.

We had our dinner in a Japanese Ramen & Rice Restaurant, 23Takehana.

Da cover of da chopstick

Daddy n Koko. They look so happy.

Mommy n ~10~. I laugh bcoz Koko is countin '1,2,3' in hakka dialect.

Our foods. The menu is very ....... bcoz it onli hav pictures n japanaese words + very little english words. We cant understand it at all so we can onli choose v lookin 2 da pictures.

Duno wat is da name. My eyes was 'Blink**' when I c da egg in da menu.

Ramen in korean style.

Tis egg is 1 set v da rice.

I like tis 1.

N tis 1 oso..

Tortoises outside da restaurant. I snapped it bcoz I had nth 2 do while waited 4 our foods.

It's legs is so long.