2day is my 1st time bcum recital crew, bt cant help anything, onli collect da recital form.

After recital, hav my lunch v my sisters at vegetarian restaurant.

Ah Bian, Ah Dong n me go 2 Herbaline 2 do facial at 2pm. The design inside is very beautiful. Services oso nt bad bt 4 me, their technical is jz onli soso.. Actuali onli need 90mins 2 finish da facial bt we finish on around 5pm.

Max 10mins but we do around 40 mins

Ah Bian r enjoyin

Wat happen 2 Ah Dong?

Ah Dong's foot

Ah Bian's foots

My foots

We go 2 giant to buy stuff 4 our genting trip 2morrow.

p/s: R.I.P, Michael Jackson.
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