We (10, Ah Bian, Zi Yi, Irene) go CE class 4 onli 30 mins. Den we skip da class.

10s Irene, Irene's cousin n his gf

Irene n me go 'gaigai' again. Wher we go today? Times Square, Sungei Wang, Lot 10, Pavillion, n Starthill.

We go Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Times Square 4 our brunch. Keep chit chat n take photo ther. Mr. Tim planned 2 follow us tis week bt unluckily he was sick. So nvm lo, we bring u along n help u 2 eat. Haha^^

Can u see wher is Mr. Tim?


After tat, we go 2 Chamber Music 2 pass up da LTCL exam form, but she wants us go again at July. @@..

Den we simply go here go ther bcoz nth 2 do.

Very hard 2 find Audrey

Go bac Times Square 2 take a break in Mcd.

~10~, Tim n Irene

Need 2 rush bac 2 skool 4 choir class again, tis time we reach skool on time, no more late.

M i studin?
CE class at 8am. Lets c wat we do in da class..

Guess who is sleepin?

Yn n Irene n Timothy n ?

Wow.. Readin newspaper n playin games in da class

Who is it? Nt me rite? kaka^^


本来打算去guitar store去买drumstick和问关于LTCL的考试,又担心那里没有,临时决定去Sungei Wang。

抵达Hang Tuah站, 走到Times Square,才发现原来我们不会去Sungei Wang。只好在那里问guard。 他告诉我们那个粉红色的建筑物就是Sungei Wang。我们就沿着那里出发啦。

买到了我的drumstick,也问了Irene的LTCL,想拍了大头贴才回去,结果我们就在Sungei Wang里迷路了。转啊转的,我们决定回Times Square。跟着褐色的建筑物走,才发现那里那么多褐色的建筑物。我们又迷路啦!!!又得要问问guard了,原来我们走到反方向,幸亏有问,否则应该直接去Pavillion了。@@...

~10~ n her drumstick

Irene n her exam form





过后就赶着回去唱K了。回到学校已经5.10pm,我们skip掉了sectional practice,也迟到了。还好还没点到我们的名。

p/s: Hapi Birthday to Ying Hui~~
Hello every1, i m bac from hometown 2day. Wahaha, i gt 5 days holiday from last Friday until 2day. Try 2 summarize wat i do these few days.

Friday : Reach hometown.. HAPPY!!

Saturday : Had a hair cut n rebondin. My frens said my hair looks like jellyfish. Yerr.. I hate jellyfish!!

Sunday : Went 2 Taiping. Bought a pair of shoes bt spoiled da other pair of shoes which i onli wear it 4 2 days. Sad.

Monday : Nth special, went 2 my secondary skool 2 take my spm cert. Nw i onli nw hw wide my secondary skool is. UCSI? haiz..

Tuesday : Go bac cheras again. Meet my dearest frens. My housemate, swen swen thought i dissappear 4 so many days, planned 2 go 2 report police. haha^^
After CE class, other frens gt class, onli Irene n me go 2 Midvalley hang gai gai.

Actuali we go ther jz wanna buy my drumstick 4 my drum class (nt ice-cream drumstick). Bt 1 shop dun have da modal i wan n da other shop is out of stock. @@.. Wah, nw i onli noe it is hard 2 buy drumstick. So we jz simply window shopping bcoz we hav no money.

Very tired, lets take a sit. ^^

We walk n walk n walk every corner of Midvalley 2 find da little couple again. They r very sweet, make me so jealous la..haha^^

da dang** This is da couple i mean.

~10~ n da little couple

Irene n da couple

Since we hav a date to 'sing k' in recital hall, UCSI University (nt k box) at 5pm, we need 2 rush bac 2 skool. When we r in ktm station, we c sumthing interesting. We c a 'volleyball' on sumbody's head (4 more information, pls refer 2 Irene's blog again). haha^^

Ther r many new students tis sem, n our soprano section has nt enough seats. Omg.. cant imagine hw we stand on da stage in da concert.

On da way we went 2 Mcd, we saw a 'live show' of 2 cats. Walao, nowadays cats oso bcum so open-minded d.
Da title is copied from Irene. haha^^

After lunch v my sisters (Ah Bian, Ah Dong, Qiqi, Ziyi, Irene), i go 2 my vocal class. Nw is onli 2nd week bt Zalina oledi starts her classes. Good, is better den last sem. Bt she is stil in same pattern, always wants me go photocopy during class time n she eats her lunch when i go 2 photocopy. Her lunch = Mcd breakfast. @@..

Irene is nth 2 do, so she waits me finish my class outside da classroom. My daddy calls me n says sumthing funny makes Irene so happy 2day (4 more information, pls refer 2 Irene's blog). We sit at food stall n chit chat again. Suddenly, Wilson appears from our sight. Walala, can c my lengzai teacher. Bt duno y he is so free can walk around da skool of music, no class meh?

3pm, i go 2 my piano class n Irene goes bac home. Enjoy my major class 2day, bcoz din scold by Wilson n can c lengzai summore. Walala~~ Hope Wilson won't c this. Haha^^

At nite, go 2 pasar malam again. I think Ah Bian n me sure r oledi blind. Ah Dong, Qiqi, n Ziyi wait us 4 very long time bt we din c them n straightly go bac 2 skool. Omg.. sorry ar, next time i ll open my eyes bigger.
今天故意迟到CE课,才进去30分钟,椅子还没坐稳课就上完了。我就好像特地来学校为了这30分钟的课,过后就没课了。结果我就坐在food stall等姐妹们下课,一坐就是两个小时, 幸亏还有Irene同学,Audrey同学,阿东同学陪我。(还有谁了?我忘了。)

好不容易终于等到12点啦,姐妹们下课啦。我可以去吃饭啦。在走下学校那斜坡时,我的鞋断掉了,我只好像个跛脚一拐一拐地走回家换鞋,天气超热的,有种快中暑的感觉。换了鞋已经12.30pm了,赶去跟姐妹们会合吃午餐后准备去sign up practice room。




i went bac 2 hometown last saturday, although onli 24 hours, bt my schedule is quite full n lots of things haven't do yet. I plan go bac again tis weekend.

But, i receive a msg from my drum teacher 2day morning. I keep sms him 4 whole week, nw he onli reply my msg. @@.. He said: 'My schedule 2day from 2.30-4pm. Wat time u can cum?' Omg.. means i need hav class on Monday, summore is onli 30 mins. Yerr.. I dun wan la, bt no choice, he onli teach on Monday. Wuhuhu..

After da class 2day, i onli noe tat play drum is tired n quite fun. My drum teacher, Jin, he looks very strict, n i m very nervous b4 class bcoz i haven't buy da drumstick. Luckily he din scold me n i think he is quite nice la, at least we stil can communicate n he can speak chinese. wahaha..
Bcoz of da briefin, i can onli go auntie's house in da evenin. After da briefin, Ah Bian, Ah Dong, Qiqi, Zi Yi r goin bac home 2 celebrate mother's day n leave me solo in cheras.

Wahsai, i take 2 hours 2 go 2 pj. I oledi bcum sardine in da ktm n my thigh is 'touched' by sumbody. *(%*^$@%.. Summore duno wat happen 2 da stupid air-cond. Every1 like 'takin bath' n da smell make me feel like i m in da hell.

In da nite, i receive Ah Dong's sms, she tel me her major gt 100% A+. Omg.. full mark leh. Ah Dong, u r god liao la. Congratulations, ur hardworking can showed in ur result.

P/s: Happy birthday 2 Timothy..
Story starts from afternoon, after we (10, Ah Bian, Ah Dong, Rays, Zi Yi, Irene, Gynn) hav our lunch in mcd, we go 2 Mid Valley. We do many crazy things ther.

Irene, ~10~ , Ah Bian

I mis my primary skool life!!

I m so 'big'

We go bac 2 skool at 4 sumthing bcoz we hav our choir class. Nw, lets congratulate 2 Mr. Jia Wai, our vise president of junior choir tis sem. clap** clap** He is so funny, he wan 2 run away 2 dun let us nominate him, but he dunno his action is catch every1 attention.

After dinner, we go bac skool 4 practice. When i walkin around da skool, i c a notice on da notice board, is abt world music. I upload da photo in bigger size so tat u all can c clearly.

Wow, tis sem world music gt E-class forum d. On msn at 10pm-12am every Tuesday n Friday nite. Omg.. They stil gt lots of assignments such as make own music instrument. Good luck 2 my frens who r takin world music tis sem..

B4 i go bac home, around 9.30pm, we go 2 Ah Ming's practice room 2 listen him play piano. Wah, Ah Ming, r u sure u r human? y u so geng? We all enjoy very much in da music.
Wohoo..I m here again.

Morning, when i was dreamin, suddenly i heard my phone is ringin, Jia Wai call me. I look at da time, WAT?? Is onli 9.44am. (Kns Jia Wai, u cant wait 15mins more meh? i set my alarm 10.00am) Den i answer him blur blur..

JIA WAI : Bla bla bla..
10 : Wat r u talkin abt?
JIA WAI : Bla bla bla..
10 : ha?
JIA WAI : ...Ur recital is on 31st July.
10 : Den wat should i do nw?
JIA WAI : ... nth liao.

After tat, i set my alarm clock ring 5min per time. Bt i stil can sleep until 11am. Ah Bian sms me.

AH BIAN : 你醒了吗?
10 : 还在昏睡中..
AH BIAN : 成绩出了..

I wake up 100% oledi. Den i go check my result.. Malaysian music: okla, stil pass, World music: ngam ngam pass, heng.

2day gt major class. So sad la, Wilson said i din practice bt actuali i gt leh. Must more practise d if nt sure killed by Wilson next week.

In da evening, we go 2 pasar malam n i buy a new umbrella, so cute. i like it.

I m practisin 2 write my blog in short short form, if nt Irene wont support my blog anymore.

I ate toast n white coffee ice blended as my dinner at oldtown yesterday. The coffee reali geng, it make me fall in sleep at 5am sumthin. (I'll try da coffee again during my exam. haha..) Walao, i slept at 7am yesterday n 5am 2day. Tat's y i bcum panda dy.

2day, i gt ce class at 8am n i hav 2 wake up at 7am. Means i onli sleep 4 2 hours. When i wake up, i feel like wanna skip da class bt i oledi plan 2 go 2 gym after class. Nvm la, i can sleep after gym bcoz i onli gt 1 class 2day. After prepare everythin, i go 2 skool v Ah Bian. (tis is my 1st time i wear my sport shoes 2 class) When i reach recital hall, Jia Wai tel me tat gym is closed 2day n ll b reopen by 2morrow. Wat the ****...!!! I wake up so early n wear tis stupid shoes here 4 wat? Jz cum 4 listen Mr. Alan talkin crap? Walao, i felt 'rain heavily' on tat moment.

After class, we take a walk around skool of music (Tis is wat i like 2 do everyday) n i go bac 2 sleep. My daddy n Ah Bian call me when i m sleepin. I stil can sleep after answer their calls n i m totally 4get wat we talk in da calls. It is oledi 3pm when i wake up n i skip my breakfast n lunch.

Ah Bian, Ah Dong n me go bac skool 2 practise at 5 until 8 sumthin. My crazy family except rays go 2 take our dinner. Tis is my 1st meal 4 2day. Wah, when i tel this 2 my parents, u noe wat is their respond? They said "good la, u r so fat oledi, nw is ur time 2 diet". @@...
Welcome to 10's blog.

1st, I would like 2 introduce myself. I'm 10, the owner of this blog. Erm... hw 2 describe myself? I m tall? yea, tis is da 1st image i gv 2 every1. They say i m a tall gal bt i think ll b better if i can tall 2cm more. haha.. My crazy family said i look like 'dai ga jie' when i din smile. Omg.. Actuali i m a nice gal ok? Nt as fierce as u think. My frens keep sayin i m crazy + 'fei', pls dun ask me y, i duno da reason. Bla...bla...bla...(ok, enough! lets 2 da next program.)

Next, i wan 2 invite 2 vip of this blog. Ms IRENE HOOI n Mr YAP JIA WAI. clap** clap**
Wat? U ask me y they r important? Okie, they r my teacher + photographer + supporter + important role in my blog. C.. hw important they r? I cant write anythin without them. Hehe.. Irene n Jia wai, dun cry after u read it.

Nw, da another vip, crazy family members: Yap Ah Bian, Lim Ah Dong, Rays, Ang Qiqi, Cheu Zi Yi. wiwit~~** They r my best buddies in UCSI University. They make my university life colourful. Den, lets invite my family, n all my frens n....(ding ding, u noe wat time nw?)... Okie okie, n every1..

I hav 2 stop my speech here, if nt u guys wont cum here anymore. haha.. Da last program 4 2day, i wan 2 invite ms Irene 2 start da blog (Irene, u wan 2 hit da drum o cut da ribbon o others? I gv u chance 2 decide.)

Again, 10s n welcum 4 visitin my blog.

p/s: Bcoz of my poor english, i ll make my blog in a malaysian style, tat is 'rojak' all language i noe.