Hello every1, i m bac from hometown 2day. Wahaha, i gt 5 days holiday from last Friday until 2day. Try 2 summarize wat i do these few days.

Friday : Reach hometown.. HAPPY!!

Saturday : Had a hair cut n rebondin. My frens said my hair looks like jellyfish. Yerr.. I hate jellyfish!!

Sunday : Went 2 Taiping. Bought a pair of shoes bt spoiled da other pair of shoes which i onli wear it 4 2 days. Sad.

Monday : Nth special, went 2 my secondary skool 2 take my spm cert. Nw i onli nw hw wide my secondary skool is. UCSI? haiz..

Tuesday : Go bac cheras again. Meet my dearest frens. My housemate, swen swen thought i dissappear 4 so many days, planned 2 go 2 report police. haha^^
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