Welcome to 10's blog.

1st, I would like 2 introduce myself. I'm 10, the owner of this blog. Erm... hw 2 describe myself? I m tall? yea, tis is da 1st image i gv 2 every1. They say i m a tall gal bt i think ll b better if i can tall 2cm more. haha.. My crazy family said i look like 'dai ga jie' when i din smile. Omg.. Actuali i m a nice gal ok? Nt as fierce as u think. My frens keep sayin i m crazy + 'fei', pls dun ask me y, i duno da reason. Bla...bla...bla...(ok, enough! lets 2 da next program.)

Next, i wan 2 invite 2 vip of this blog. Ms IRENE HOOI n Mr YAP JIA WAI. clap** clap**
Wat? U ask me y they r important? Okie, they r my teacher + photographer + supporter + important role in my blog. C.. hw important they r? I cant write anythin without them. Hehe.. Irene n Jia wai, dun cry after u read it.

Nw, da another vip, crazy family members: Yap Ah Bian, Lim Ah Dong, Rays, Ang Qiqi, Cheu Zi Yi. wiwit~~** They r my best buddies in UCSI University. They make my university life colourful. Den, lets invite my family, n all my frens n....(ding ding, u noe wat time nw?)... Okie okie, n every1..

I hav 2 stop my speech here, if nt u guys wont cum here anymore. haha.. Da last program 4 2day, i wan 2 invite ms Irene 2 start da blog (Irene, u wan 2 hit da drum o cut da ribbon o others? I gv u chance 2 decide.)

Again, 10s n welcum 4 visitin my blog.

p/s: Bcoz of my poor english, i ll make my blog in a malaysian style, tat is 'rojak' all language i noe.
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  2. ~10~ Says:

    ahha..luckily u stil b patient 2 finish it. i scare u ll close it in da half way.haha^^

  3. w@! Says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!! well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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