After CE class, other frens gt class, onli Irene n me go 2 Midvalley hang gai gai.

Actuali we go ther jz wanna buy my drumstick 4 my drum class (nt ice-cream drumstick). Bt 1 shop dun have da modal i wan n da other shop is out of stock. @@.. Wah, nw i onli noe it is hard 2 buy drumstick. So we jz simply window shopping bcoz we hav no money.

Very tired, lets take a sit. ^^

We walk n walk n walk every corner of Midvalley 2 find da little couple again. They r very sweet, make me so jealous la..haha^^

da dang** This is da couple i mean.

~10~ n da little couple

Irene n da couple

Since we hav a date to 'sing k' in recital hall, UCSI University (nt k box) at 5pm, we need 2 rush bac 2 skool. When we r in ktm station, we c sumthing interesting. We c a 'volleyball' on sumbody's head (4 more information, pls refer 2 Irene's blog again). haha^^

Ther r many new students tis sem, n our soprano section has nt enough seats. Omg.. cant imagine hw we stand on da stage in da concert.

On da way we went 2 Mcd, we saw a 'live show' of 2 cats. Walao, nowadays cats oso bcum so open-minded d.
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