I ate toast n white coffee ice blended as my dinner at oldtown yesterday. The coffee reali geng, it make me fall in sleep at 5am sumthin. (I'll try da coffee again during my exam. haha..) Walao, i slept at 7am yesterday n 5am 2day. Tat's y i bcum panda dy.

2day, i gt ce class at 8am n i hav 2 wake up at 7am. Means i onli sleep 4 2 hours. When i wake up, i feel like wanna skip da class bt i oledi plan 2 go 2 gym after class. Nvm la, i can sleep after gym bcoz i onli gt 1 class 2day. After prepare everythin, i go 2 skool v Ah Bian. (tis is my 1st time i wear my sport shoes 2 class) When i reach recital hall, Jia Wai tel me tat gym is closed 2day n ll b reopen by 2morrow. Wat the ****...!!! I wake up so early n wear tis stupid shoes here 4 wat? Jz cum 4 listen Mr. Alan talkin crap? Walao, i felt 'rain heavily' on tat moment.

After class, we take a walk around skool of music (Tis is wat i like 2 do everyday) n i go bac 2 sleep. My daddy n Ah Bian call me when i m sleepin. I stil can sleep after answer their calls n i m totally 4get wat we talk in da calls. It is oledi 3pm when i wake up n i skip my breakfast n lunch.

Ah Bian, Ah Dong n me go bac skool 2 practise at 5 until 8 sumthin. My crazy family except rays go 2 take our dinner. Tis is my 1st meal 4 2day. Wah, when i tel this 2 my parents, u noe wat is their respond? They said "good la, u r so fat oledi, nw is ur time 2 diet". @@...
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