Story starts from afternoon, after we (10, Ah Bian, Ah Dong, Rays, Zi Yi, Irene, Gynn) hav our lunch in mcd, we go 2 Mid Valley. We do many crazy things ther.

Irene, ~10~ , Ah Bian

I mis my primary skool life!!

I m so 'big'

We go bac 2 skool at 4 sumthing bcoz we hav our choir class. Nw, lets congratulate 2 Mr. Jia Wai, our vise president of junior choir tis sem. clap** clap** He is so funny, he wan 2 run away 2 dun let us nominate him, but he dunno his action is catch every1 attention.

After dinner, we go bac skool 4 practice. When i walkin around da skool, i c a notice on da notice board, is abt world music. I upload da photo in bigger size so tat u all can c clearly.

Wow, tis sem world music gt E-class forum d. On msn at 10pm-12am every Tuesday n Friday nite. Omg.. They stil gt lots of assignments such as make own music instrument. Good luck 2 my frens who r takin world music tis sem..

B4 i go bac home, around 9.30pm, we go 2 Ah Ming's practice room 2 listen him play piano. Wah, Ah Ming, r u sure u r human? y u so geng? We all enjoy very much in da music.
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