Wohoo..I m here again.

Morning, when i was dreamin, suddenly i heard my phone is ringin, Jia Wai call me. I look at da time, WAT?? Is onli 9.44am. (Kns Jia Wai, u cant wait 15mins more meh? i set my alarm 10.00am) Den i answer him blur blur..

JIA WAI : Bla bla bla..
10 : Wat r u talkin abt?
JIA WAI : Bla bla bla..
10 : ha?
JIA WAI : ...Ur recital is on 31st July.
10 : Den wat should i do nw?
JIA WAI : ... nth liao.

After tat, i set my alarm clock ring 5min per time. Bt i stil can sleep until 11am. Ah Bian sms me.

AH BIAN : 你醒了吗?
10 : 还在昏睡中..
AH BIAN : 成绩出了..

I wake up 100% oledi. Den i go check my result.. Malaysian music: okla, stil pass, World music: ngam ngam pass, heng.

2day gt major class. So sad la, Wilson said i din practice bt actuali i gt leh. Must more practise d if nt sure killed by Wilson next week.

In da evening, we go 2 pasar malam n i buy a new umbrella, so cute. i like it.

I m practisin 2 write my blog in short short form, if nt Irene wont support my blog anymore.

4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    now only i noe that i'm so important ppl here @.@

  2. ~10~ Says:

    yala. u r vip leh. haha^^

  3. Wen Dee Says:

    hei yooo dropping by ur blog! 55 put chat box over here k? hehehe and link me up :)

  4. ~10~ Says:

    wow..wen dee, so fast u cum here..