Holidays started last few weeks. Finali i finish all my classes n can go bac home 2morrow.

Oh~~ balik kampung
Oh~~ balik kampung
Oh~~ balik kampung

Holiday plans:
1. practise practise n practise stuffs abt music
2. practise nail art
3. shopping
4. watch drama
5. travel

UCSI frens, dun miss me, c u all next year. Take care.

Cant wait 4 my next travel.
Wow!! Finali I went 2 sing k. Hapi.. hapi.. hapi.. Lalalaaa~~

2day, We (~10~, Irene, PeSwen n Pink) went 2 Gardens sing k. My 'sem activity' done d.

Nw is da time 2 save money 4 my next japanese buffet.

After k, came bac n went 2 pasar malam 4 our dinner. Ate lot of food.. omg, hw 2 face my mommy 2morrow? Sure she ll say i m gettin fat.
Went 2 PJ 4 my vocal class in da mornin. Nw i onli noe y Zal alwayz likes 2 ask me 2 her house 4 classes. Its reali a great place compare v skool.

Had a good lesson v her 2day. N i saw cats in XXXL size in her house, they r so cutie. haha^^

10s Zal 4 send me straight away bac 2 Cheras. I tot she onli wanted 2 put me 2 lrt station.

Went bac Cheras n took a long long nap. Slept from 2pm-8pm.

Good luck 2 my band final 2morrow.
Wat happen 2 me?

Wat happen 2 meeee????????????

Super blur 2day...

Sorry 2 my bandmates n Wilson 4 my singularly blur response.


He said bcoz of i skip my lunch? Or lack of sleep?

Bt actuali is bcoz da chords n IMPROVISE!!!

Anyway, 10s Wilson 4 ur treat.. Wahaha..

Orite.. chargin my own battery, everythin ll b fine 2morrow.
ET1 gt 2 quiz 2day. After class, went 2 recital. Finali i gt 10 signatures 4 my recital attendance d. *clapppp*

In recital hall, i received msgs from JiaWai n Wilson. class 2day cancel. Oh no, oledi 3 weeks dun hav major class, bcum lazy n lazy. Need sumbody push me 2 practise nw..

I used my major time 2 chit chat v LiJing in practise room. Like tis moment. Ya... i m '8po'.

Went 2 Ko Chuan Li's graduation recital in da nite. Well, i need 2 say i reeali duno hw 2 enjoy da classical music. Felt very sleepy in da hall although i noe he played very well. Sorry, Chuan Li.

After the graduation recital, We (~10~, Irene, Rays, Gynn) went 2 MidValley 2 watch movie, Tsunami. Orite, tis movie quite nice, bt nt as touchin as wat i expect. I tot i ll cry bt who noe, none of us cry at all. LOLzz...

A happy day, Rays n Gynn said i m gettin slim d. Wohoo... 10s ya, muaksss...






Damn busy recently, bcoz of stud, midterm, practise, PTPTN, n bla bla bla..

here, i would like 2 10s...

1. Irene, 10s 4 acc me go here go ther everyday.

2. Koko, 10s 4 repairin my pc. N introduce many nice songs 2 me.

3. Daddy, mommy, n my cousin, XianZheng. 10s 4 helpin me rush here rush ther 2 get the sign.

n who else??

Time flies fast, nw is oledi week 5 of my degree sem 1. I learn many new stuffs but i hav no time 2 digest it. Y onli 24 hours in a day? Oh no, final is cumin soon. Hope i can do it well.

it was choir midterm today. i did a very shit perform. Haiz....
2 news 2day..

1st, Irene n me moved d. haha^^ We change our previous locker 2 upper locker. No need squat 2 take things anymore. Hurray~~

2nd, I wonder y UCSI likes 2 brake down da electricity on Thursday?





原来在多几个月,我就必须跟 ‘天真’ 说永别了。从来没有想过这道理,再看过这句话之后,想了好几晚,发现这是真的。同样的事情发生在一个10岁和一个20岁的人身上。我们会对10岁的说天真,20岁的呢?就是愚蠢。这世界就是那么现实,每天在逼着自己长大,不可能永远活在天真的世界里。


Pass this tag to 10 people: -

1. Irene
2. Qiqi
3. Ziyi
4. Ah Dong
5. YongJia
6. Rays
7. Ys
8. Ah Bian
9. JiaWai
10. Koko

1. Would you date number 5?
- @@...

2. Number 2 just got a car crash and how do you react?
- U noe hw 2 drive?

3. You see no.9 with your boy/girlfriend. What do you do?
- Gays??

4. You come home and your room has been ransacked by number 4.
- Wat u wan?

5. Number 1 is acting weird.
- She nvr normal.

6. Number 3 and 8 decide to give 10 a haircut.
- Wat u guys wan 2 do 2 my koko?

7. Number 7 just got a ticket for him/her and you to go to a concert.
- ys, I m waitin 4 tis Saturday.. hehe

8. Number 10 takes you to a bar.
- When? he used 2 bring me go gaigai bt nvr 2 a bar.

9. No. 4 has to move to the other side of the world.
- Y??

10. You and number 8 are being chased by the cops for an unknown reason.
- Ah Bian go block 2 cops, i run 1st. lolss...

11. Number 7 and you sitting on the couch watching a movie when her/him wrap his/her arm around you.
- She ll onli do tis 2 koko.

12. Number 5 ask you out for dinner.
- Onli u n me?

13. Number 9 and you are sitting on the bus.
- Den?

14. Number 6 calls you in the middle of night because she/he can't sleep.
- She ll onli tel me in msn i think.

15. You're walking with someone and number 6 runs up and tackles you to the ground from behind.
- She crazy d?

16. Number 1 is crying one day and you ask him/her why and it seems their boy/girlfriend has dumped them.
- Irene, tel me wat should i do?

17. Number 2 offers to bake you a meal. As you sit in the other room, the kitchen suddenly aflame.
- Princess is alwayz princess. Dun believe she can bake me a meal. lolss..

18. Number 4 comes to your door one day holding a koala.
- should b a pig, nt koala.

19. Number 4 just got u an x-box.
- ???

20. Number 1 thinks he/she's overweight
- Lets diet 2gether.

21. Number 7 looks lonely.
- Stil gt koko n me.

22.Number 2 asks you rudely to go leave him/her alone.
- okok, find me when u r ok.

23. Number 5 and 3 decide to throw a surprise party for you.
- Wah!!

24. Number 6 decide to dye her/his hair black. What do you say about that?
- u can try it.

25. Number 7 tells you he/she is going to go out for a while, and then later you hear about a shooting where he/she went.
- Wat??

26. Number 1, 3, 5 and 6 all tackle at you once. Is it possible?
- Y u wan treat me like tat?
OH NO!!!

OH SHIT!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Wat stupid rubbish i did in my jury exam? wt*...

b4 jury, practised very hard n no problems at all, bt y sumthing 'special' ll appear in jury?

Wilson keep ask me dun worry n relax after i told him this shocked news, bt... haiz, i hav no face 2 c Wilson next sem. T.T

N i need 2 say goodbye v my 10marks 4 my CE assignment. Means i need 2 score higher marks in my final to pass tis subject. Bt da Alan Hoo is very clever, cant even find 1 answer in da question paper since gt 82 ques in da paper.

So??? Dun think too much, jz wait n c my result. Tis is da onli thing i can do nw. @@..
Saturday, hang out v koko them again. They cam fetch me den we lunch at 118 n met koko's fren ther. After tat, we went to Lowyat 2 buy stuff. Actuali i gt lots of things 2 buy bt no money. @@... Is time 2 save money.

After tat, Ys wanna went bac home so we bac to Taman Desa 2 eat cendol.

While waitin 4 others, we went bac home. I took a nap while koko n his fren r surfin net.

Around 8pm, went 2 SS2 n they decided to had Thai food in Sweet Basil Restaurant. I ordered a Thai fried rice, tasty.

N we had our 2nd round in K.T.Z food. Da mango 'Loh' is quite nice. We saw da artist 'Tau Fu Pok' ther.

I luv Saturday.
Suddenly i feel tat i love google very much. Can find all answers i wan, facebook quiz, joke... even can b my dictionary. wahaha...

I oledi 'mong mong dong dong' 4 12 weeks n tis week onli i noe is oledi week 13. Wao, so fast. After few more weeks, hav 2 say goodbye v foundation life. A lot of things happened in tis week.

I went 2 skool jz 4 my drum class. Jin lost his temper n he told me every1 of his students onli care abt whether tis week gt class o nt n when is da replacement class. No ones play drum v grooving n tones n bla bla bla~~ So sad, grooving ar grooving, hw can i find u?

Went 2 recital 2 support my frens.

Went 2 MidValley bcoz no classes b4 choir. Had our lunch in San Francisco Steakhouse.

Starter. Tis bread is quite nice

Irene n her meal

My chicken chop

After lunch, we walked walked walked n suddenly we saw a escalator. We tot it can go bac 2 Midvalley. But... is a eye surgery department.

We waited ktm 4 45mins, n da stupid taxi driver onli stop outside UCSI guardhouse. We late 4 choir class.

Major class 2day n Wilson gv me technique exam. OMG.. i did very bad. Can i redo, Wilson? wakaka.. After class, rush 2 recital hall 2 support my frens bt i missed Ah Bian's recital.

Ah Bian, ZiYi, Audrey n Irene

Hi-tea v Irene at Fun OK since we hav 2 hours free time b4 choir.

After tat, went bac 4 choir rehearsal.

Again, went 2 support my frens' recital again. Actuali my recital oso on 2day bt i changed it. Every1 felt nervous b4 perform. I like Ashley's performance. Awesome.

After recital, we went 2 Secret Recipe 2 celebrate JiaWai's birthday.

Christina, Stephen, JiaWai, Irene, ~10~, YongJia, Janice, ShinHong

Last Saturday, went 2 Tenji v my family.

They said tis Cappuccino quite nice

V J n E I

I luv ice cream


Koko n ys

I m so hungry~~

fish + prawn + oyster + beef

~10~ n koko


Mango jelly


Haagen Dazs ice cream

Can u count hw many coconuts on da table?

In da toilet after meal, i looked so fat. @@..


Goodbye Tenji
10s ZiYi 4 treat me Secret Recipe cake. Yummy~~
It was my 1st recital 2day. I muz 10s Ms. IRENE HOOI n Mr. YAP JIA WAI 4 help me 2 promote my recital. @@..

10q very much IRENE HOOI n YAP JIA WAI

created by Irene

Irene n JiaWai promote my recital in their blog. 4 more information, pls refer 2 their blog.

10s those who came 2day jz simply wanna support me (Ah Bian, Ah Dong, Qiqi, Irene, JiaWai, YongJia, ChinNi n ...??)

Luv u all, muakss..
We went 2 MidValley 2day. Juz wan 2 buy BB cream bcoz it has promotion tis week. 10s Irene 4 accompanyin me go ther. haha^^

~10~ n Irene n her secondary skool bag

The original price was RM169

After discount, i gt it v RM129 in a set.

Big + pouch + small

I wonder y it gv me a hanger in da small BB cream?

Can i hang it on my hp? lolss..

Cant wait 2 try tis. lululu~~

4 ur information, my recital is on tis Friday.
Sum1 wanted 2 find part time job, so i accompanied her went 2 sumwher yesterday. (Sum1 not allow me 2 tel who is she)

Bt, da shop was closed, so we need 2 go ther again 2morrow. @@...

Finali, i bought sumthing

Ta dang... long time i din buy nail colours, bought these jz bcoz of Qiqi.

Y da air-cond in recital hall so cold recently?

2day, we went 2 Lot10 again, bt tis time added 1 ppl more, Mr. JiaWai. Bcoz of him, we went 2 Sungei Wang by monorail.

1st, we went 2 Lot10 2 ask abt the job again. Bt she always wan us go here go ther, so we decided 2 give up tis job.

Den we went 2 pavilion 2 walk around. Ya, reali 1 round onli.

After tat, Mr. JiaWai wanted 2 buy a mp3 4 his bro as birthday present. So we went 2 Lowyat n hi-tea ther.

~10~ n Irene

JiaWai looks like egg tarts n biscuits promoter.





Yesterday early in da morning around 10.30am, Wilson sms to ask me whether i can change my class 2 12.00pm? Wat??? Sure kenot, we gt 'plan', if change means everything ll b gone. So i lied him said i gt class. (Sorry ya, Wilson.)

When i prepared 2 go 2 skool, Zalina sms me n she canceled da class again. I wonder y she alwayz onli cancel my class? Since my class was canceled, i met sisters n Irene at 'Zha Cai Fan' n waited until 2pm 2 go 2 major. I felt nervous bcoz din prepare well 4 da birthday song 2 play in da surprise party later.

In da major class, everything were smoothness, bt suddenly, Wilson told me tat he wan 2 let me go earlier. I was shocked n keep asked him 'U wan 2 go nw? R u sure u wan 2 go earlier?'. He told me 'Ya, i hav 2 go nw? Wat happen 2 u? My birthday is 2morrow nt 2day'... My mind was like **Huh? Y he so clever? Noe we gt tis plan?**

I had no ideas at all, coz it was jz 2.38pm. So i called JiaWai bt da stupid teachin room c118 had no 'lines' ther. Maxis oso wanna fooled me on tat time? I went out from classroom 2 called n looked around JiaWai. I found him n told him tat Wilson wan leave earlier, JiaWai was shocked n he bring da cake run around 1st floor. So weird.

2 save sum time, we brought da cake go into da room v Irene n BiYing while waitin 4 Seong Seong n Hooi Ching finished their class at 3pm. (Sorry Hooi Ching n Seong Seong 4 din wait u guys 2 sing da birthday song. kaka^^)

~10~ n Wilson

Da cake..@@...

After tat, we ate da cake at food stall n Wilson went bac d. Since tat day, i hav 2 anti Secret Recipe 4 1 week++ n waitin Ziyi treat me da cake again. Wakaka^^
Last Saturday n Sunday. We(whole crazy family members) went to Genting. Wohoo... We planned it 4 very long time since last sem, bt alwayz postponed postponed n postponed. Finali.. we went ther last weekend.

When we were waitin shuttle bus in da skool, but we went to lrt station by taxi.

Rays were waitin 4 da bus

Sunway or Genting? Da ans is: Genting.

In KL Central, we met a gang of Taiwanese.

Snapped by a Taiwanese

They said i looked like pregnant, 1 at da front n 1 at da bac. @@...

Cable car

~10~ n Ah Bian

Little gal scared of cable car

While we were shopping..

6 of us + a ghost???


'Baby guai guai, Ah Dong sayang~'

C... ZiYi was very enjoyin.

Cool or wanna fight?

Hoi Ziyi, dun press my head


Cinema b4 da 'Blood' showed

Qiqi n ZiYi

Qiqi + ZiYi + ~10~

Ah Bian + Ah Dong + Rays

Rays + Ah Dong vs Transformers

After movie, we went 4 a walk n suddenly i saw tis.

'Ta Ma De' dustbin??

On da 2nd day, we went to outdoor theme park.

Our 1st 'train'

ZiYi n Qiqi were waitin 4 next turn




Happy family

JiJi n Rays

Accordin 2 ZiYi, they are...

Sexy Girl 2009

Miss 'Wan Jin' 2009

Miss Cowardice 2009

Miss Shopping Queen 2009

Cute Girl 2009

I onli realised i din take a photo 4 myself after i cam bac.

JiJi.. He took my hp n snapped his photo himself. @@..

I like tis photo

My 'bear'

Our awards??

Irene, u c i m so good, i stil remember u while i was in Genting.

Genting~~ i ll b bac again.