Saturday, hang out v koko them again. They cam fetch me den we lunch at 118 n met koko's fren ther. After tat, we went to Lowyat 2 buy stuff. Actuali i gt lots of things 2 buy bt no money. @@... Is time 2 save money.

After tat, Ys wanna went bac home so we bac to Taman Desa 2 eat cendol.

While waitin 4 others, we went bac home. I took a nap while koko n his fren r surfin net.

Around 8pm, went 2 SS2 n they decided to had Thai food in Sweet Basil Restaurant. I ordered a Thai fried rice, tasty.

N we had our 2nd round in K.T.Z food. Da mango 'Loh' is quite nice. We saw da artist 'Tau Fu Pok' ther.

I luv Saturday.
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