Went 2 PJ 4 my vocal class in da mornin. Nw i onli noe y Zal alwayz likes 2 ask me 2 her house 4 classes. Its reali a great place compare v skool.

Had a good lesson v her 2day. N i saw cats in XXXL size in her house, they r so cutie. haha^^

10s Zal 4 send me straight away bac 2 Cheras. I tot she onli wanted 2 put me 2 lrt station.

Went bac Cheras n took a long long nap. Slept from 2pm-8pm.

Good luck 2 my band final 2morrow.
Wat happen 2 me?

Wat happen 2 meeee????????????

Super blur 2day...

Sorry 2 my bandmates n Wilson 4 my singularly blur response.


He said bcoz of i skip my lunch? Or lack of sleep?

Bt actuali is bcoz da chords n IMPROVISE!!!

Anyway, 10s Wilson 4 ur treat.. Wahaha..

Orite.. chargin my own battery, everythin ll b fine 2morrow.
ET1 gt 2 quiz 2day. After class, went 2 recital. Finali i gt 10 signatures 4 my recital attendance d. *clapppp*

In recital hall, i received msgs from JiaWai n Wilson. class 2day cancel. Oh no, oledi 3 weeks dun hav major class, bcum lazy n lazy. Need sumbody push me 2 practise nw..

I used my major time 2 chit chat v LiJing in practise room. Like tis moment. Ya... i m '8po'.

Went 2 Ko Chuan Li's graduation recital in da nite. Well, i need 2 say i reeali duno hw 2 enjoy da classical music. Felt very sleepy in da hall although i noe he played very well. Sorry, Chuan Li.

After the graduation recital, We (~10~, Irene, Rays, Gynn) went 2 MidValley 2 watch movie, Tsunami. Orite, tis movie quite nice, bt nt as touchin as wat i expect. I tot i ll cry bt who noe, none of us cry at all. LOLzz...

A happy day, Rays n Gynn said i m gettin slim d. Wohoo... 10s ya, muaksss...






Damn busy recently, bcoz of stud, midterm, practise, PTPTN, n bla bla bla..

here, i would like 2 10s...

1. Irene, 10s 4 acc me go here go ther everyday.

2. Koko, 10s 4 repairin my pc. N introduce many nice songs 2 me.

3. Daddy, mommy, n my cousin, XianZheng. 10s 4 helpin me rush here rush ther 2 get the sign.

n who else??

Time flies fast, nw is oledi week 5 of my degree sem 1. I learn many new stuffs but i hav no time 2 digest it. Y onli 24 hours in a day? Oh no, final is cumin soon. Hope i can do it well.

it was choir midterm today. i did a very shit perform. Haiz....