Damn busy recently, bcoz of stud, midterm, practise, PTPTN, n bla bla bla..

here, i would like 2 10s...

1. Irene, 10s 4 acc me go here go ther everyday.

2. Koko, 10s 4 repairin my pc. N introduce many nice songs 2 me.

3. Daddy, mommy, n my cousin, XianZheng. 10s 4 helpin me rush here rush ther 2 get the sign.

n who else??

Time flies fast, nw is oledi week 5 of my degree sem 1. I learn many new stuffs but i hav no time 2 digest it. Y onli 24 hours in a day? Oh no, final is cumin soon. Hope i can do it well.

it was choir midterm today. i did a very shit perform. Haiz....
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