I oledi 'mong mong dong dong' 4 12 weeks n tis week onli i noe is oledi week 13. Wao, so fast. After few more weeks, hav 2 say goodbye v foundation life. A lot of things happened in tis week.

I went 2 skool jz 4 my drum class. Jin lost his temper n he told me every1 of his students onli care abt whether tis week gt class o nt n when is da replacement class. No ones play drum v grooving n tones n bla bla bla~~ So sad, grooving ar grooving, hw can i find u?

Went 2 recital 2 support my frens.

Went 2 MidValley bcoz no classes b4 choir. Had our lunch in San Francisco Steakhouse.

Starter. Tis bread is quite nice

Irene n her meal

My chicken chop

After lunch, we walked walked walked n suddenly we saw a escalator. We tot it can go bac 2 Midvalley. But... is a eye surgery department.

We waited ktm 4 45mins, n da stupid taxi driver onli stop outside UCSI guardhouse. We late 4 choir class.

Major class 2day n Wilson gv me technique exam. OMG.. i did very bad. Can i redo, Wilson? wakaka.. After class, rush 2 recital hall 2 support my frens bt i missed Ah Bian's recital.

Ah Bian, ZiYi, Audrey n Irene

Hi-tea v Irene at Fun OK since we hav 2 hours free time b4 choir.

After tat, went bac 4 choir rehearsal.

Again, went 2 support my frens' recital again. Actuali my recital oso on 2day bt i changed it. Every1 felt nervous b4 perform. I like Ashley's performance. Awesome.

After recital, we went 2 Secret Recipe 2 celebrate JiaWai's birthday.

Christina, Stephen, JiaWai, Irene, ~10~, YongJia, Janice, ShinHong

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