Sum1 wanted 2 find part time job, so i accompanied her went 2 sumwher yesterday. (Sum1 not allow me 2 tel who is she)

Bt, da shop was closed, so we need 2 go ther again 2morrow. @@...

Finali, i bought sumthing

Ta dang... long time i din buy nail colours, bought these jz bcoz of Qiqi.

Y da air-cond in recital hall so cold recently?

2day, we went 2 Lot10 again, bt tis time added 1 ppl more, Mr. JiaWai. Bcoz of him, we went 2 Sungei Wang by monorail.

1st, we went 2 Lot10 2 ask abt the job again. Bt she always wan us go here go ther, so we decided 2 give up tis job.

Den we went 2 pavilion 2 walk around. Ya, reali 1 round onli.

After tat, Mr. JiaWai wanted 2 buy a mp3 4 his bro as birthday present. So we went 2 Lowyat n hi-tea ther.

~10~ n Irene

JiaWai looks like egg tarts n biscuits promoter.
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