06.06.09, Jolin's promo tour.

We(10, Irene, Irene secondary skool frens) went 2 KLCC b4 Times Square bcoz nth 2 do if we reach ther too early.

In KLCC, I saw my little cute Koda ther, bt i hav no money 2 buy it. So sad. We had our lunch in Burger King. In my opinion, Mcd is better den Burger King.


Lalala~ Irene in da house


Tower 1

Tower 2

M i look like da model?


My pet

Yeah, I stil can fit in 2 da car. Haha^^

I bought Jolin's cd, den we went bac to Times Square.

After we walked 4 around 15mins, finally we saw tis signboard. 10s 4 da guard again.
Jalan Bukit Bintang

N we passed by Pavilion

When we reached Times Square, we saw lots of fans were waitin ther. Wah, it was onli 4 sumthin . Irene n me decided hi tea in Starbucks.

Irene was enjoyin in Starbucks

I was readin magazines

We finished our coffee n went Krispy Kreme Doughnut 2 hi tea 4 2nd round. These are wat we took from da upstair of Krispy Kreme.

Around 5 sumthin

Around 6 sumthin

Can u c da difference between the 2 photos?

Irene vs fans

Around 7, we went in 2 da Star Zone.

At da bac of Star Zone

I dissapointed v da promo tour, even cant c jolin clearly. We had a drink in L'opera after da promo tour, bt jz onli soft drink.


Tis concert was a big different compare v jolin's promo tour.

1st time i c ther was empty

Finally, i bring tis bac.

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