HAPPY FATHER'S DAY... daddy I luv u..

Koko n me went bac 2 hometown on Saturday noon 2 gv daddy a surprise. I gt a free card 4 daddy while i was waitin my koko 2 fetch me in Mid Valley. 10s YS 4 fetch me from cheras n treat me da lunch. Haha^^

We went 2 Autocity 2 celebrate father's day on Saturday nite since we need 2 rush bac 2 KL on Sunday evening.

We had our dinner in a Japanese Ramen & Rice Restaurant, 23Takehana.

Da cover of da chopstick

Daddy n Koko. They look so happy.

Mommy n ~10~. I laugh bcoz Koko is countin '1,2,3' in hakka dialect.

Our foods. The menu is very ....... bcoz it onli hav pictures n japanaese words + very little english words. We cant understand it at all so we can onli choose v lookin 2 da pictures.

Duno wat is da name. My eyes was 'Blink**' when I c da egg in da menu.

Ramen in korean style.

Tis egg is 1 set v da rice.

I like tis 1.

N tis 1 oso..

Tortoises outside da restaurant. I snapped it bcoz I had nth 2 do while waited 4 our foods.

It's legs is so long.
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