Thursday again..

Okie, 1st, We reach Hang Tuah LRT station n walk 2 Times Square. We planned 2 watch movie bt we cancel it bcoz we prefer to 'hang gai gai'. Haha..

Times Square --> Sungei Wang --> BB Plaza --> Lot 10 --> Star Hill --> Pavilion

Before we go 2 Star Hill, we hav our brunch in The Coffee Bean

Da cakes is nt as good as our expect

After tat we continue our journey 2 Star Hill.

Hi tea at here

My iced mochaccino n me

Tis drink make me cant 'wet' next week. U noe y?

M i look like noblewoman? Haha..

Outside da Star Hill

I m countin da 'star' ^^

Den we go 2 Pavilion. In da pavilion, we start our crazy exercise again.


C, he is wearin Nike cap

Excuse me, wher is da toilet?

My boy?

Irene n her gang

May i?

Commercial 4 Gatsby?

And we walk around Pavilion.

Irene is so excited


Wan fight izzit?

Irene, be careful 2 da bull!!!

We walk a 'round' outside Pavilion n rush bac 2 skool 4 our choir sectional practice again. But we fail 2 reach on time, late abt 10- 15 mins n catch by Mr. Ian. @@..

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  1. 嗨,你好。

  2. ~10~ Says:

    hie~~ 10s 4 cumin.